Cocktail menu


Cocktail menu Le Florian Lyon


AQUAFABA : Vegetable emulsifier replacing egg white.

ANGOSTURA : Concentrate of essences, titrant bitters type. at 44.7% vol, used for cocktails.

BITTERS : Concentrate of essences (alcohol with macerations.
a large number of herbs, spices, barks, etc..) with a variety
infinite tastes and styles, often compared to the bartender’s salt and pepper.

CACHAÇA : Brazilian sugar cane juice alcohol.

CHIPOTLE : Jalapeño pepper smoked then dried.

FALERNUM : Liquor based on rum and spices.
(almond, clove, ginger, pepper…).

TONKA BEAN : Small bean from South America often used in baking.

FINO SHERRY : Spanish fortified wines obtained by addition
of an eau de vie, measuring between 12 and 15% vol.

FRANGELICO : Hazelnut liquor.

GINGER BEER : Originating non-alcoholic carbonated beverage
from Jamaica with a strong ginger taste.

GINGER ALE : Lightly flavored ginger ale.

MARASQUIN LIQUOR : Liquor of pits of a small bitter cherry called marasque.

MEZCAL : Mexican brandy made from agaves with a smoky taste.

SACCHARUM : Concentrated syrup obtained from the essential oils contained in citrus fruits.

PISCO : Very fragrant Peruvian or Chilean white alcohol made from grapes.

PORTO BLANC :Portuguese fortified wines made exclusively from white grapes aged in barrels for at least two or three years.

SHRUB : Vinegar syrup. Provides sweetness
and acidity of the cocktail into a product.

ACID SOLUTION :Mixture of water and citric acid allowing
replace the lemon juice.

SALINE SOLUTION : Mixture of water and salt to highlight certain aromas.

VERMOUTH DRY : Less sweet white vermouth.

ARTEMESIA :Organic liqueur made from Artemesia flowers, entirely handmade in Paris.


Wine / champagne / beer

white wine

  • IGP Oc Viognier 6€ (15cl) 26€ (btl)

    Domaine Gayda 2021
    Fruity and aromatic

  • st veran, bourgogne 6€ (15cl) 31€ (btl)

    Michel Chavet, 2021
    Aromatic Chardonnay, white flowers

  • Uby no 4, Côte de Gascogne 6€ (15cl) 29€ (btl)

    Domaine Uby, 2020
    Tropical fruits, velvety and onctuous.

red wine

  • Côtes du rhône 6€ (15cl) 30€ (btl)

    Parallèle 45, Paul Jaboulet Ainé
    Round tannin, Spicy final. 60% Grenache 40%, Syrah.

  • AOP Hautes Côtes de Beaune 7€ (15cl) 36€ (btl)

    Domaine Nuiton Beaunoy 2020

  • Morgon Terre de Schiste 6€ (15cl) 30€ (btl)

    Domaine Depardon 2020
    Mineral and gourmet. 100% Gamay.

Rose wine

  • Côtes de provence 6€ (15cl) 29€ (btl)

    Domaine Sumeire 2021
    Elégant côte de Provence, peachy and citrusy.